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Winter 2013: Published in print in Viva Glam Magazine.  Article: Sexuality and Sophistication. 

June 2014:

June 2014:

July 2014: Tache Magazine "The Truth About Sex Addiction"  (In print and online at

October 2014: Published online "Is Hep C a Sexually Transmitted Disease?"

January 2016: Quoted in Men's Health, "Why She Wants You to Masturbate" :

January 2016: Published online and print for Viva Glam, "Why Women Feel Guilty Saying No":

January 2017: Quoted in Men's Health Article about sexual positions:

May 2017: Published Online and Print on Viva Glam:

June 2017: Published Online and Print: "8 Reasons Not to Tell Yourr Partner How Many People You've Slept With"


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Dr. Amie Harwick, MFT


Marriage and Family Therapist 

Psychotherapy and Sex Therapy


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Author of The New Sex Bible for Women.  (2014)

Appearances/ Media Work:

June 2013: Guest on SWING on Playboy Radio with Holli and Michael to discuss couples communication and alternative lifestyle
July 2013: Guest on HAPPY HOUR on Playboy Radio with Bob Guiney and Jessica Hall to discuss therapy and sex addiction.

June 2014: Interviewed with Fox News regarding the Slender Man stabbing case:

August 2014: Lectured to the Los Angeles Sexologists Association about the relational impact of Hepatitis C

November 2014: Interviewed with Jose Manguin on Liquid Metal on Sirius XM regarding The New Sex Bible for Women. 

November 2014: Interviewed with Irina Voronina on The Bunny Talks show about The New Sex Bible for Women.

November 2014: Interviewed on Playboy Radio about The New Sex Bible for Women.

January 2016: Traveled to San Francisco to lecture at a workshop with Women from China through Dr. Eros.  

March 2016: Interviewed on Ask Women podcast about sex and communication:

April 2016: Tony Moze Rhyming Book Review:

May 2016: Lectured on a panel at SPLA about Non-Monogamy

June and July 2016: Took two trips to Hangzhou, China to lecture for a weekend about intimacy for Dr. Eros. 

August 2016: Interviewed on Keep Your Shirt On Podcast:

September 2016: Appeared on 7 episodes of Braxton Family Values on We TV as an on camera therapist and educator. 

October 2016: Interviewed on Ask Women podcast about dating:

January 2017: Appeared in Dr. Ava Cadell's Sexycises videos discussing intimacy and exercise:

March 2017: Interviewed on Podcast Eat.Play.Sex :

June 2017: Interviewed on Gary Garver's Radio Show/Podcast on I Heart about gender roles